S2 Art Exhibition at Skene Street Dental Practice

The S2 Art exhibition at Skene Street Dental Practice is now on!

The exhibition was produced by second year art pupils. Inspiration was taken from The Boyle Family to produce artworks based on our local area. Pupils created multi coloured reductive poly prints of sections of a map showing Aberdeen Grammar School and  the surrounding area.  Pupils worked on individual sections from the map which were then reassembled to create a large map. This gave the pupils an opportunity to work collaboratively.   The exhibition also includes some traditional drawings, mono prints and mixed media outcomes, again, all based on the scenery in our local area.

Four second year classes (approx. 60 pupils) took part in this activity (they have just moved up into third year)

Cheryl and Russell from Skene Street Dental approached the art department at a ‘Developing the Young Workforce Pathways’ Evening hosted at Aberdeen Grammar School, about using the practice as an exhibition space. We thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some of our junior work and as the project displayed is based on our geographic area it seemed perfect for the location.  Our pupils are proud to be part of this exhibition and were excited when they heard their work was being displayed in a public area.

We are hoping to refresh the artwork shown at Skene Street Dental in the future and give more of our pupils the opportunity to exhibit work.