Prefect Training with the British Army

Prefect Training with the British Army

This year AGS invited the British Army Outreach team in to help with giving our 105 strong prefect team some valuable training.

The pupils had three activities to take part in:

  1. Team Building and Leadership Session
  2. Maths Workshop
  3. Careers Presentation

The Team Building or Resilience workshop is where the Army Outreach team arranged an outdoor session that gave students a taste of the Army team building and problem solving with a wide range of hands-on activities. It’s was full of challenging tasks that was hoped developed mental and physical attributes.

The Maths Workshop Used a real Army scenario, this workshop challenged students to organise a skiing expedition.  Using a variety of day-to-day ‘real life’ maths skills including exchange rates, graphs and charts the task took pupils through an interactive, group maths experience utilising everyday skills.

The Careers Presentation highlighted all the various career options available to pupils joining from school, college or university. The presentation included highlights of all the roles in each area of the army. It explained how it can turn your interest in to a rewarding career.