Entier’s Fresh Olives Roadshow 2017-18

Entier’s ‘Fresh Olives Roadshow’ is a food company school roadshow to recruit ambitious and talented young people into Entier’s award-winning Fresh Olives apprenticeship programme which will be running again during the school year 2017 – 2018.

There are two categories:

  • Chef
  • Business

To find out more on how to enter please speak with Mr Foster.

Who should participate?

  • Young people interested and committed to a career working for a leading food company
  • Young people who are passionate about food and drink, and have the potential to meet the high standards expected by Entier and their clients
  • Be eligible to leave school in summer 2018

Please note: The programme is not just for young people completing home economics courses at school.


About Entier

  • Entier is the largest private and independent catering and hotel services company in Scotland.
  • Local, global food family providing contract catering services, technical services and high-end
  • Wedding and event services
  • Recognised as a Scottish Employer of Choice
  • A Living Wage company
  • Highest Health, Safety and Environmental accreditations in our sector
  • Lowest staff turnover / highest staff retention in our sector
  • Operating in 23 difference locations worldwide
  • Offices in Aberdeen, Perthshire, Houston Texas and Perth Australia with almost 800 staff internationally

The ‘Fresh Olives’ is Entier’s sector-leading apprenticeship programme. As a food company, Entier will educate all Fresh Olive apprentices – regardless of their jobs within the business – on what it really means to work in this sector and all will take part in a variety of fantastic experiential opportunities which vary from attending chef demonstrations with some of the best chef’s in the country to visiting suppliers to get an understanding of what is involved in the food process from start to finish, or even foraging in the forest to get some of the freshest produce Scotland has to offer.

It is a three-year programme, during which the young person will also complete an SVQ qualification with the support of their line manager with the aim of having at least one Fresh Olive in every department of the business as well as an annual intake of Chef apprentices from local schools

The Fresh Olives roadshow is essentially the recruitment process to enter the Fresh Olives apprenticeship programme. Young people will be informed and inspired of career pathways in a vibrant, growing food business and will have the opportunity to enter into a positive destinations.

Please also note that winners of the competition will receive an offer of an apprenticeship at the company. An apprenticeship is full-time paid employment, meaning they will leave school and join Entier as an employee. If a young person is not prepared to leave school or join Entier as a result of taking part in this competition, we advise that they do not participate.