Pied Piper presents Three by Harriet Braun

The senior drama group Pied Piper presents, ‘Three’ by Harriet Braun this Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm in the Drama Studio. Tickets are £5 for adults and £3 for concession and can be purchased on the door.

It’s a long, hot summer. Six teenagers are in various states of longing and unrequited love. A boy has a crush on the girl next door; only she’s going out with the school heartthrob. Two teenagers meet for a blind date but they’re both thinking about someone else. A shy girl with a secret makes friends with the most popular girl in her class. Only these are love stories with a difference: thanks to the inner voice trailing around after each character, we get to hear what they’re all saying and thinking. Fortunately, there’s a narrator to keep us all on track, but there’s a small problem: our narrator would much rather be on reality TV.