Oil and Gas Technology Centre Visit – 9th May

Aberdeen Grammar School pupils were given an excellent opportunity recently to take part in a Digital event at the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC). This is part of a wider development with AGS & OGTC.

Sakithan Sivakumar S2 gives us his experience from the day:

Oil and Gas Technology Centre Visit – 9th May 2018

I’m Sakithan Sivakumar and I went to see the:





The OGTC was a great experience 24 pupils were picked to go to the OGTC luckily I was one of them. We were shown AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual reality) also the largest touch screen TV in the UK.

The Virtual reality

In the VR we were shown a target to find 6 barcodes shown around map the barcodes were on devices which was tricky but my group had found all 6 barcodes we were given 4-5 minutes each and there were 6 of us.

Overall it was a great experience with the VR.

The Augmented reality

In the AR we were given Microsoft HoloLens to wear and we had different missions to go through such as gas pipes leaking etc. It was very fun and very cool we were using two Microsoft HoloLens at a time giving each of us 8-10 minutes at a time

The video headset

We wore a video headset which engineers use and the footage used so people see what’s wrong with stuff. It alos had audio and had a wireless connection with computer etc.  It looked cool and you could even see what you’re recording with a circle screen smaller than a centimetre. It was very good piece of tech.

The map floors

We were shown a 360° view of all the floors of the oil and gas station using a viewing app. It had all the places to view in the oil and gas station it was pretty good piece of tech

Overall I had an amazing day at the OGTC and I now have more knowledge of how oil and gas industries worked.