Success for Advanced Higher French Pupils at AGS

Advanced Higher French pupils including myself took part in the prestigious AMOPA (L’Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques) competition.

In order to enter the competition we had to create a piece of French and record it. The criteria was to have good pronunciation, intonation and flow to get across to the listener our passion for our chosen subject.

I myself chose to speak about Edith Piaf, a world renowned French singer known for her guttering vibrato. By choosing to speak about Piaf’s songs it not only allowed me to enhance my knowledge, thanks to my research but also to gain experience in relating the songs to her life.

The AMOPA panel is made up of a group of native French speakers who assess the recording of each candidate and mark it appropriately. We were all very proud to achieve “Très Bien” for our performances.

We were presented with our certificates by Professor Phillip Bennett from Edinburgh University and received valuable feedback which helped significantly with our preparation for the final Speaking Assessment for SQA. Our participation in the AMOPA awards enabled us to better prepare for the exam and work on technicalities such as pace, pronunciation and tonality.

It was a worthwhile experience which I would recommend.

“Bonne Chance aux Candidats de l’avenir”


Iona Johnston S6


Photo Attached : From Left to Right

Mrs Joyce Tease Faculty Head of Modern Languages

Angela Barry S6

Iona Johnston S6

Jonathan Bell S6

Nadah Jodeh S6

Ms. Mary Allard  AGS School Librarian

Professor Phillip Bennett