Concrete in the Classroom Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th August 2019

An opportunity for a group of S3 pupils at AGS has become available to experience Concrete in the Classroom. The workshops have the following objectives over five lessons:

  • Create a learning experience which shows employability within the Construction Industry and explore the part that the Concrete Sector plays in this Industry.
  • Create lifelong learning skills and show how these materialise in future work opportunities.
  • Create new meaningful links between Secondary Education, Industry and Further / Higher Education.
  • Develop an awareness of career opportunities that may not have been referenced prior to the program.

This will be delivered at AGS over five lessons (Monday P1-4 & Tuesday P1-4) with a site visit P2 – 4 on the Tuesday.

The site visit will be at:

Leiths, Loch-Hill’s Quarry, Dice, Aberdeen

Places are limited so please see Mr. Foster before Friday if you are interested.