Virtual Work Experience – Young Professionals

This week is open for  S4, S5 and S6 students, in particular students who are considering an apprenticeship and / or need some valuable work experience to add to their CV’s. 

The week will be running from 22nd June – 26th June and will be packed full of workshops, business challenges and opportunities to try new things out / build their skill sets. 

As you know, we work with many global / FTSE 100 companies, they will be playing a big part in the week facilitating webinars and workshops. All your students will have the opportunity to engage with these companies during the week and get exposure to their sectors. Prizes will be given out (iPads, learning resources for them and gift vouchers).

RAF,  PwC, EY, Capgemini, IBM and many other will be joining us during the week! 

Key Details:

  • 22nd June – 26th June 
  • 9am – 16:30 each day (times may vary) 
  • First come first serve basis 
  • Student MUST sign up using the link below and will need to inform you / school they have applied (please do send out via parent mail so that parents / carers are made aware of this opportunity)
  • All students that take part in the full week will get a written reference from me and they can include this on their CV’s and make reference to the global companies they heard from

The Experience:

  • Introduction to the business world (working in the the corporate environment) 
  • Employability skills (CV writing, STAR exercise, the whole recruitment process explained in full detail to big brands) (Digital Interviews, Psychometric Testing etc…. the whole lot)! 
  • Business challenges around emerging technologies, new products and innovation / change strategy 
  • Projects to work on in their assigned groups & mentors to monitor progress
  • Prizes and office experience days up for grabs to stand out students during the week
  • Each student will get their own digital log book so they can keep track on their progress for the week

As mentioned it is first come first serve and all students will need to register. 

Any pupil interested should contact Mr Foster through GMail to get the link to register.