NPA Photography

image by Harley Main

During the last academic year, the school presented for the first time, the National Progression Award in Photography. The course comprised of 4 separate units – Understanding Photography, Photographing People, Photographing Places and Working with Photographs – introducing and building on the technical and analytical skills required to take perfectly exposed, thought provoking and well framed imagery with narrative and good composition. The students had the option to use DSLR cameras provided by the school or their own devises, allowing for freedom and control over their photoshoots.

Here are a selection of the students folios, presented in the format of a Google Website, highlighting their favourite work from the year. As you will see, they are a collection of incredibly professional and well planned photographs, showcasing the students’ skills and highlighting the importance of Photography as a visual medium for these ever changing times.

Taylor Cowe

Archie Lund

Harley Main

Atholl McMillan

Kornelia Ociepa

Gabriel Robertson