Royal Navy Team Building workshop

AGS welcomed the Royal Navy Engagement Team to work with groups of our S3 National PE & Senior Sports Development pupils.

The team provided practical challenges for pupils to complete/overcome. They included:

  • Planks & Pallets (get your team from one pallet to another by utilising planks and not touching the floor)
  • Walkers (operating as a team, synchronise walking rhythm to complete route)
  • Towers of Hanoi (puzzle – three towers with different sized discs. You cannot place a larger disc onto a smaller disc – move all the discs to tower 3)
  • Minefield (wearing blindfolds, the team moves a dummy through an obstacle course, whilst following orders from another team member)

These activities are designed to develop leadership, teamwork, communication and self-confidence – all with a bit of fun!!!

The team were also on hand to give presentations on Leadership/Team work, using our experiences gleaned in the Royal Navy.

The Navy aims to support Schools, Communities and Youth Groups by offering development opportunities for young people, and to raise the awareness of the Royal Navy. This is all part of the Royal Navy’s drive to better reflect the society which we serve and to genuinely demonstrate our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.