Aberdeen Grammar Fundraiser


We still need you!

We are fundraising money as we would like to give back to Aberdeen Grammar School. We want to raise money to support pupil wellbeing through participation in extra-curricular activities. More information is on out Just Giving Page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/aberdeen-grammar-school-senior-prefects

The challenge:

We wanted to challenge our whole school community to travel to New York in 4 weeks by running, cycling or walking a combined 5,189.08 km! Our challenge started on Monday 7th March and was due to end on Sunday 3rd April. however we are pleased to tell you that we have already reached our target with a few days to spare!!

How will the money raised by used?

Firstly, we have all agreed that through participation in extra curricular clubs offered at AGS, we have benefitted greatly and we want to help ensure pupils in future get the same or even better experience. Therefore all money raised will be used for 2 things:

Buy some of the equipment for a new Fitness Suite located in the ‘French School’ (which will officially become part of AGS in 2022).

Establish a Extra Curricular Fund. Club leaders will be able to apply for grants from this fund to buy new equipment or resources that will benefit current and future pupils. The fund will also be used to support pupils to participate where there may be barriers, for example financial.

Thank you!

Troy Hayton, Hayleigh Ironside, Ava Kennedy, Valyla Rodrigues, Callum Kelsey and Jonny Wiseman

School Captains 2021/22