S2/S3 Graphic Communication

S3 Graphic Communication

The S3 Graphics course follows a similar path as the N4&5 courses to get pupils ready for the following year whilst still developing the many skills needed for the National course assessments.

The aims are:
• To develop pupils skills in graphic communication, including Manuel drawing board work and the use of the correct equipment. Rendering using tone, shade etc.
• To develop pupils skills in graphic communication software packages such as Autodesk Inventor and the Serif Suit for DTP
• Continue to apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication drawing standards BS8888 and apply this in their work.
There is a variety of tasks to develop skills and there is an assignment at the end of the year to practice all the Knowledge & Understanding and application skills they have learned.

The following gives an overview of the main task work:

1. Drawing Board Unit
2. CAD Unit 1
3. DTP Unit
4. CAD Unit 2
5. Project / Assignment

Course Progression
• National 4 Graphic Communication
• National 5 Graphic Communication
• Higher Graphic Communication

S2 Graphic Communication rendered toy project

S2 Train ortho S2 CAD S2 CAD Rendered Toy Train

S2 Bottle Project

S2 GC Bottle project