Category: Design & Technology

WM Donald Technical Day

AGS welcomed WM Donald in to school yesterday working with a group of 60 S3 pupils. This was an excellent and valuable experience highlighting and inspiring pupils to a possible career pathway in construction. This Technical day was only one of four WM Donald offer school sin a year so were very lucky to get this opportunity.

Pupils were actively involved in a whole day of activities lead by WM Donald staff a lot of who were apprentices themselves including one former pupil based round the construction industry including:

  • Mono Blocking
  • Drainage
  • Excavator Simulator
  • Site Set up
  • Build a Bridge
  • Plant Hire

A great experience for our pupils and thank to all WM Donald staff and DYW NE for making this happen.

Art, Design and Technology fundraiser

The faculty of Art, Design and Technology are proud to announce that we are conducting a fundraiser for the faculty and are selling genuine Scottish whisky barrel designs that will be manufactured by a collective group of pupils and staff!

Attached is an order form that you can see photographs of all the products but feel free to come down to have a more in detail look at the designs.

Please note that every order will be unique and will not always look identical to the example pieces due to the staves. 

Come and get your Christmas presents early!!

Faculty of Art, Design and Technology ‘Skills Icons’ Design Competition

The D.Y.W. / Wider Achievement (Developing the young workforce) group set the ‘Skills Icons’ Design Competition brief to the AD & CDT Departments.

The requirement was to design a set of icons to represent the 11 core Personal Attributes: Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Learning, Creativity, Problem Solving, Enterprise, Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Teamwork & Citizenship.

The images below and presentation show all the hard work that went into designing and selecting the winning designs along with the help from our wonderful Gray’s School of Art Visual Communication design graduate Miss Scott.