Bridging the Gap – Senior Art Club

A new Senior Art Club has started called Bridging the Gap, which is for any student wishing to develop sketchbook skills & approaches.

It is open to all S4 – S6 every Thursday lunchtime, 1.10-1.45pm with Miss Ward in Room 308 – and is not exclusive to those studying art and design. It is for students who perhaps haven’t been able to choose Art and Design due to a full timetable and those who simply want to keep their hand in at creating and exploring ideas.

Bridging the Gap will give seniors the opportunity to work outwith the curriculum, to promote personal expression and imaginative thinking.

The club will focus on developing sketchbook skills to understand how they can help feed creativity and establish the nature, and structure, of a visual language.

A series of “assignments” will explore many aspects of working in a sketchbook, including the basics of making sketchbooks, sketching, collaging, and collecting using taught techniques with various forms of media. Ultimately tailored to draw out personal interests and creative intuition, Miss Ward will give her advice, inspiration and guidance to help achieve desired results. This may suit a pupil who wishes to continue working creatively whilst not studying Art and Design at a higher level, or for those who would like to dedicate more time to creative study.

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Junior Art Clubs

S1 Monday, 1:10-1:45pm with Miss Forrest (Lead Pupil – Anneeta Joy) in Room 309

S2-3 Thursday, 3.35-4.35pm with Mr Duffy in Room 310 – Not exclusive to those studying art and design.