Category: Developing the Young Workforce

Grays Mobile Art School

Craig Barrowman, Mobile Art School Coordinator at Gray’s recently delivered a workshop to all our S3 Engineering Graphics pupils during the week of 3rd of February.

Pupils took part in the INTEGRATING ELECTRONICS workshop where pupils Design, make and test an object that will support 1 person, 60cm from the ground with limited range materials including electronic circuits. They used LittleBits modular electronic kits, where a design problem was introduced. The classes worked in teams, where they had to problem solve using these electronics along with model making to create design solutions that were tested and then demonstrated their solution to the rest of the class.

In our ever increasingly digitised world, it is becoming more important for designers to be multidisciplinary. This workshop introduced simple electronic systems with a focus on how they can be harnessed to improve the user experience.



Tomorrows Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge

A group of S1 pupils as part of the Young Engineers Club extra-curricular activities participated in the regional final of the Tomorrows Engineers EEP Robotics Lego Challenge. This has involved working in a team on a variety of activities in school to produce a working robot they had to programme to complete a series of tasks. A small group of senior pupils have also were been involved in mentoring them through the various challenges and accompanied them.  The regional final took place  Wednesday 19th of February at Leuchars Station, St. Andrews where they also got a tour of the facilities by Army personnel.

The competition involved the team completing the following:

  • Speed and Control Challenge – you will have two turns which take up to 2 minutes each.
  • 3-5-minute presentation about an environmental project.
  • Solutions to as many of the 7 tasks on the mat as possible.
  • Pointers the pupils were encouraged to talk about – the parts, the programming, the sensors, what the pupils found out and any mistakes or challenges they had learnt from.

Energise Your Future Event 2020

A group of senior AGS pupils attended this year’s Opito Energise your Future event held on Thursday 13th of February at the P&J live.

All pupils were welcomed by Jill Glennie, Director, External Affairs, OPITO and Trish Banks, Operations Manager, Subsea UK

OPITO is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry and hosts the Energise Your Future event alongside industry and membership body Subsea UK, annually during Subsea Expo

Pupils were then involved in a STEM Learning Challenge and were encouraged to get involved with a STEM-based activities. The activities the pupil were involved in were  ‘Lego Mindstorms’, ‘Robot Arms’, K’nex Tower building and maths puzzles.

Once pupils had completed the STEM challenge they visited a range of the company’s exhibiting at the event.


World Radiography Day on Friday 8th November.

Interest in a career in Radiography? – World Radiography Day on Friday 8th November.

Come and join the Imaging department at Albyn Hospital as they celebrate World Radiography Day on Friday 8th November.

The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, where Radiographers worldwide use the day to promote Radiography as a career.  Local secondary school pupils whom have an interest in Radiography are invited to take part in one of our tours of the Imaging Department as well as the interactive information stall that will be at our MRI reception.  Students from RGU will also be volunteering on the day and will give pupils an opportunity to discuss any degree related queries they may have.

If interested please see Mr. Foster before Friday to get your place booked.