Apply for Bronze Colours

Bronze colours recognise pupils that have demonstrated commitment and reliability by attending the majority of training, matches or rehearsals and through performance.

Due to COVID-19, the last round of Bronze colours were completed during lockdown. We appreciate that some pupils may have missed the opportunity to self-nominate at this time.   You can now self-nominate in this round if this is the case.

Pupils who applied in a previous round and were unsuccessful should not apply again.  Any applications will not be considered.

  • The standard of your application will be a factor in the decision made by the Colours Committee.
  • Your application will be considered by your coach/team leader and then a decision made at a Colours Committee meeting.

The decision of the Colours Committee will be final.

Before you apply:

  • You must be in S4, S5 or S6
  • You must have participated in your activity at AGS for a minimum of two years
  • You must have shown commitment and reliability
  • You must meet the general criteria for colours for behaviour and attitude in school
  • You must not have applied for Bronze Colours in a previous round