Apply for International Colours

Awarded to pupils who have represented their country at an international level

Due to COVID-19 most pupils have not had the opportunity to participate in international events since March. However, we are aware that some performing activities have held virtual events. We are, therefore, allowing pupils in S4-S6 to self-nominate for International colours for any activity completed since March 2020. Any application will have to be verified by an external party.   

  • The standard of your application will be a factor in the decision made by the Colours Committee.
  • You must include the contact details of an adult (not a relative) who has witnessed or been involved in your community project during lockdown, please ask them first whether they are willing to provide a reference.

Pupils who applied in a previous round and were unsuccessful should not apply again.  Any applications will not be considered.

The decision of the Colours Committee will be final.

Before you apply:

  • You must be in S4, S5 or S6
  • You must meet the criteria above by representing your country at an international level since March 2020 and have been in S4, S5 or S6 at the time
  • You must meet the general criteria for colours for behaviour and attitude in school
  • You must have asked for permission from the person who is providing your reference