Ernst & Young LLP Careers Talk

AGS welcomed three of EYs Aberdeen based Apprentices into school today. They came into school to deliver a Careers Talk to all S6 pupils. The purpose was to highlight the various routes that can be taken to get a career in this sector.

EY will also be offering an insight evening at their Aberdeen office in early November.

Developing the Young Workforce is the Scottish Government’s youth employment strategy, which aims to significantly reduce youth unemployment in Scotland by 2021. One of the main themes of DYW is that employers and schools should enter into long term partnerships which focus on preparing young people for employment.

This talk has come about through our flagship partnership agreement with EY who are supporting AGS in various ways:

  • To promote EY and career pathways within the organisation (apprenticeships and graduate-level entry) to young people
  • To help young people improve their employability skills
  • To support classroom activities by relating learning to an accountancy / business context



“You don’t need a degree to build a successful career in business. All sorts of paths are open to you. If you want to work, an apprenticeship can take you straight to the heart of business.”

Further details about information to pupils and parents can be found through the following links: