Tomorrows Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge

A group of S1 pupils as part of the Young Engineers Club extra-curricular activities participated in the regional final of the Tomorrows Engineers EEP Robotics Lego Challenge. This has involved working in a team on a variety of activities in school to produce a working robot they had to programme to complete a series of tasks. A small group of senior pupils have also were been involved in mentoring them through the various challenges and accompanied them.  The regional final took place  Wednesday 19th of February at Leuchars Station, St. Andrews where they also got a tour of the facilities by Army personnel.

The competition involved the team completing the following:

  • Speed and Control Challenge – you will have two turns which take up to 2 minutes each.
  • 3-5-minute presentation about an environmental project.
  • Solutions to as many of the 7 tasks on the mat as possible.
  • Pointers the pupils were encouraged to talk about – the parts, the programming, the sensors, what the pupils found out and any mistakes or challenges they had learnt from.